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Wagner PV125 Pumpset Service Gallery!

 Wagner PV125 Hydraulic Piston Pumpset is One of the First used in Wagner Autopilot & Hydraulic Power Steering Applications since 1976.

  Many are Still in Operation TODAY All Around the World.

SPECS ...  Adjustable Flow Rate For Up To 70 Cu. In. Maximum Cylinder Displacement ... 20A (12vdc), 12A (24vdc) or 10A (32vdc) Max Load

Service Pictures are Displayed Here to Help Boaters whom Want to Rebuild Their Own PV125 Pumpset!

S50 Pilot use a Tach Mounted to the End of Electric Motor for Rudder Position Reference & a S50 Motor Driver Board ... Both 'Not Needed' for Other Autopilot Models/Steering Systems, they use a Relay Box! 

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Since Original manufacturing began in the 1970's the PV125 has had Very Little Modifications.  The most noticable is on the Top of the Lockvalve between the 2 Hydraulic Steering Line Connections, the 2 Relief Ball Port Plugs Changed from Allen Screws to Hex Head & to the 2 Hydraulic Steering Line Connection Ports Themselves ... O-Ring Fitting Adapters were Added for 1/4 NPT Fittings.

 Wagner PV125 Pumpset Ist Version Wagner PV125 Pumpset Last Version Manufactured

Wagner PV125 Pumpset Last Version Manufactured              

Most Common Fluid Leaks are in this General area, the Lockvalve Cracks Mostly because of Improper Overtightening of the Hose Fittings into their Aluminum Block.  For Blocks that use an O-Ring Type Adapter w/ 1/4 NPT Female Ports for Connections to Hose Fittings ... Any signs of a Leak the O-Rings Need Replaced with Removal & Installation as Decribed in the PV125 Manual ... Over tightening of Adapter/Fitting Area to Stop a Leak Cracks the Aluminum.   Both NOT Repairable.  Because of Its Age this Type of Lockvalve it is Not an Industry Standard Hydraulic Part & it is Very Hard to Find a Good Used Replacement.

Following Picture Shows what Appears to be a Very Nice Re-Installation. Due to Overtightening/Fitting Turned In to Far Several attemps to Stop a Leak ended up with a Cracked Valve (Left Side of Left Port over to Edge & Down to the Shuttle Valve Plug).

Final Solution was to Replace Pumpset.  Since a Replacement Lockvalve was NOT Available & To Save the Boater from Buying a NEW Pumpset I Replaced ONLY the Pump Body with One from a Wagner PV100 (Manufactured in the Mid 1980's) ... Works Great :)   Wagner PV100 Pump Body ONLY (Rebuilt, Below, 2nd Picture) Sells For $450.00 in SEA CHEST OF TREASURES ... Retails $1,150.00. Coupling w/Shear Pins, Angle Mounting Bracket & Allen Bolts NOT Included BUT Available, Contact Us Before Purchase.

Ship Your Complete PV125 Pumpset w/attached Box, Working Motor & Tach (Tach ONLY If S50) to Us for Assembly ... Was $575.00 Modified Like New (Below, 3rd Picture)!

 Lockvalve Crack on Left Side Below Fitting! Wagner PV100 Pump Body ONLY ... Sells For $450.00 WITHOUT Coupling & Screws in SEA CHEST OF TREASURES!          Custom Fabrication ... PV100 Pump Body with PV125 Motor 

 Following Pictures should give You an Idea of what is Involved with a Complete Rebuild Project.



Wagner S50 Autopilot Bench TESTING!


  Following Pictures are from One of My Rebuild Projects in April 2016.  This Type of Rebuild was $250.00 Plus Any 'Available Replacement Parts If Needed (Includes Seal Kit, PM Inspection & Cleaning of Electric Motor).  No Charge for Estimate w/Pictures at Visual Intake, Only Return S&H should You Decide Not to Have Rebuild Completed. Again, the PV125 Lockvalve is NOT Available for Replacement, Only Internal Lockvalve Parts!

PV125 Arrived with Motor & Pump Body Apart!  PV125 Arrived with Motor & Pump Body Apart! Test Starboard ... Motor, Tach & PCB Operate to Factory Specs! Bench Test Port ... Motor, Tach & PCB Operate to Factory Specs! Corrosion Inside Box ... Board GOOD! Shaft Seal Suspect ... Also Not Factory Type! Defective Shaft Seal ... Note Flat Spot! Signs of O-Ring Problem/Wrong Ones & All 4 Fittings May Have Been Removed!  Signs of O-Ring Tear/Wrong Ones & Plugs May Have Been Removed! Looks Like Wrong Type of O-Rings! Shuttle Valve End Cap Spring & Ball on Right Missing! Lockvalve Adapter Removal, These Too Tight ... Best Way So NOT To Crack Valve! Internal Parts Ready For Cleaning!  Lockvalve Parts Ready For Cleaning!  Pump Body Internal Parts Cleaned & Ready For Assembly! Pump Body & Lockvalve Ready For Assembly! Pump Body & Lockvalve Ready For Assembly! PV125 Rebuilt ... Pressure Testing & Adjustments! Pressure Testing with No Leaks!  Ready for Painting! Tach Mounted fir Wagner S50 Operation!Wagner S50 PV125 Pumpset Circuit Board Instalation

Wagner PV125 24 VDC Electric Motor Available For $425.00 (New Old Stock, Last One Fpr Special Price of $375.00) ...



 Wagner MK4, SE 1 / SE 2 & Other Hydraulic Steering Applications use the PV125 with a RELAY Box ...

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